Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is the number one risk factor facing operators and suppliers in today’s gaming sector.

Without sound compliance procedures embedded throughout your organisation, you run the risk of heavy fines and, in the worst cases, licence revocation.

It is little wonder that operators and suppliers across gaming’s regulated markets are dedicated greater resources to ensure they stay on top of their obligations.

But implementing optimal regulator compliance procedures takes more than money and manpower; it requires a level of expertise that is tough to find.

This is why gaming firms turn to Maxima Compliance to assist with fulfilling regulatory requirements.

When engaged, Maxima begins by defining a risk management matrix for your organisation. Every matrix is different, and is compiled after closely analysing the regulatory burdens and compliance procedures unique to your operation.

From there, Maxima will lead your organisation step-by-step through how to ensure absolute compliance, defining relevant policies and procedures and eve drafting an operational handbook.

Working closely with your compliance manager, Maxima builds upon your existing procedures, optimising and guaranteeing complete regulatory compliance across the board.