In the current compliance climate, small oversights can have big consequences.

Audit is a full-service audit that leaves no stone unturned to guarantee complete coverage across your compliance function.

We developed Audit because more and more companies were approaching Maxima asking for a full-scale evaluation of their compliance processes. After all, it can be tough to fix a problem if you aren’t quite sure where you are going wrong.

Maxima will assign an experienced team of auditors and contractors to overview your operation and comprehensively evaluate the current state of your compliance operation.

Our auditors are experienced working across multiple jurisdictions, so you can rest assured that we have a deep understanding of exactly what it is you require.

The audit covers AML, KYC and responsible gambling obligations, as well as broader compliance issues that can often be missed within the day-to-day running of a company.

On top of this, Maxima is able to provide a full tax audit via external trusted partners local to your jurisdiction.

No one wants a surprise from the regulator. Don’t settle for anything less than complete peace of mind.