Seamlessly connect to the Italian regulator via a set of easily integrated APIs

Succeeding in Italy

Italy is one of Europe’s most lucrative igaming markets. But it is also one of the most highly-regulated.

To succeed in this competitive jurisdiction, a deep understanding of the regulatory requirements is essential.

Italy’s gaming regulator, the Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli (ADM), requires all operators to connect directly to its central system to report and validate every transaction and account creation.

A technical project outlining the operator’s overall infrastructure and connectivity with the SOGEI central system is required to receive a licence.

Those who do not meet these requirements will not be permitted to operate in Italy.

Introducing MaximaConnect™

MaximaConnect™ is a third-party system which seamlessly links your operations to the ADM’s Central System via a simple set of APIs.

It is a single solution which contains the main protocols of communication for remote gaming required by the Italian regulator, including PACG, PGDA and PSQF.

It will handle the transmission of all data required by the ADM in the appropriate format, relieving you of the burden of internal implementation.

Why MaximaConnect™?

To save your operation time and money, MaximaConnect™ has been built to seamlessly deliver these communication protocols through an out-of-the-box technical product.

It has been built by experts in the Italian market, and with compliance in mind, and integrates seamlessly via APIs, leaving you to focus on delivering a world-class gaming offering.

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